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Twitter: @startootheatre and @acttoodubai



We’re Passionate about:

2018 Elise Vigier & Marcela Di Fonzo Bo creation: M comme Méliès:

Summer 2017 Edinburgh Theatre Festival gems:

Svalbard Company- All Genius, All Idiot:

Vanessa Cook Dance- Creature:

Don Gnu- A Snowball’s Chance in Hell:

CalArts Theatre- The End, The End, The End:

2theatre- Losing It:  

Akram Khan 2016 Production Until the Lions:


887 Lepage creation in Paris Summer 2015:


Official trailer:

Lepage on long form:

Lepage on visual & not turning audience into consumers:

Catch Lepage Hearts in Copenhagen autumn 2015:

Sans Objet Compagnie 111 Production 2015:

111 dark

More clips on:

Interview by Manuel Piolat Soleymat from 2011 on a reflection about space:

Medea 2014 production:





STAR TOO media:

-Dubai Eye Radio Inner Voice interview:

-The National for Are You There:

-Khaleej Times article:

-Dubai TV Out and About:

-Sample reels of Is It Real:

– Why Cross test/work in progress:

STAR TOO 2014 media


Founder links:

– Khaleej Times Weekend Magazine:

– Friday Magazine:

– Femina Magazine:

– My Dubai My City:


-Tempo magazine:

-Gulf News Friday magazine:

-British Council:


Our intellectual inspirations:

– Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi TED Talks video:

– Michael Michalko on Metaphors article:

– Einstein and Creativity in Psychology Today article:

-Augusto Boal at Harvard:

– Abraham Maslow interview video:


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